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FireBug 2.0.17 / 3.0.0 Beta 3

The Most Advanced Web Development Tool for Firefox, FireBug

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FireBug 2.0.17 / 3.0.0 Beta 3

FireBug Review:

 It is increasingly becoming painstaking to recode and debug Javascript files when doing a web development project. There are many other challenges that only the developers face when they get on with the actual work in the field such as real time synchronizations and feedback, scaling requirements, monitoring CSS, HTML and editing them live etc. Firebug brings all these to your fingertips.

 Much Needed Control

 FireBug is always a great help only a keystroke away and yet far away from interfering with the regular stuff that you do. 
 - It can be enabled separately via a bar at the bottom or another window without affecting anything on your viewing screen, and you can toggle between them as necessary.
 - It also gives effective control over which particular website or websites you want to enable it without affecting the others.
 - FireBug makes is very simple and effective to find content on the webpage. It helps you trace down the deep embedded HTML tags and code in the webpage, and then it gives you a ton of information regarding it so as to help you understand it, edit it and modify as necessary.
 - The editing occurs live between the edits so that you can monitor them simultaneously and keep working without losing time.

 Tweak & Visualize CSS

 Another important feature that is boasts is the CSS editing capabilities that also involves constantly monitoring it and making inferences based on the metrics.
 - FireBug helps you perfect the CSS by letting you known each and everything that is on that page. If you do not like the style then you can also change the items and see the changes reflect instantly.
 - When the CSS objects aren't lining up correctly, it is very difficult to manually intercept the problem. Thus, FireBug helps there too by finding out the offsets, margins, borders, padding, etc. and illustrates it to you in an easy & readable manner.


 The recent release is also 100% free and Open Source, exclusively for Firefox browser. The documentation is pretty neat and comprehensive, and when needed there is also a community to help each other. In addition, you can install FireBug Lite or Extensions with the plug-in.

 So, get on with the tool right away and browse to their official website to know more about it. FireBug is a lightweight and powerful web development tool used by thousands of developers around the world.

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